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For the ultimate success-seekers, what is on your mind about the Ultimate Success?
Here are thirteen real-life stories; the people lived their lives as fleeting guests.
Ultimate success, linguistically, in the Arabic language, means Salvation, Righteousness, and Honesty. Nevertheless, do human beings realise the meaning of Ultimate Success and Salvation?
Perhaps somebody realises the meaning of Ultimate Success according to somebody’s concept using all own individual methods, which suits a person’s own life. So, somebody considers that what somebody achieved is the desired Ultimate Success, whether it agrees to the Islamic Law or not.
Nevertheless, another makes a person’s deeds, objectives, wishes, and life matters under Islamic Law. This other person will achieve that after doing a person’s utmost.
I feel a strong relationship between the status of high spiritual, which a person achieves, and the state of Ultimate Success in life and afterlife, but I do believe that. For the life of mine, I have had several stories like no other. These stories prove that simple people in life. I do not mean poor people or needy, Allah forbids, but I mean those who live a simple life, not a complicated life, and those who live as though a wayfarer. These people, indeed, reach Ultimate Success!
So, I am interested in narrating some of the real-life stories that I had attended with them. Lo! Verily there are real people. Their stories are real-life stories. Every story carries within it one of the meanings of Ultimate Success.
Through this book, you can plan to put your objectives in life; you must have the skill to achieve

البائع: دار زحمة كتاب للنشر والتوزيع

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